Back-Basted Applique

Back-Basted Applique


Back-Basted Applique - Glenda Hicks

Come and learn the Back-Basted method of hand appliqué. With practice, this method enables beautiful and intricate appliqué.

The stand alone block used in this class, done by Amy McClellan has been designed to help you learn and practice the skills of points, cleavage, inside and outside curves, reverse appliqué, and small bias stems.

Remember - practice makes perfect. 

You will get a supply list with items to bring to class with you. We will be splitting the class into 3 different days, so you will have time to really practice the skills taught during that class. The block is not overwhelming and will help you refine your skills through repetition.

The photos are of blocks that you should be able to do after a little practice. The sketch is the Block you will be learning.

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