Amy's Mystery Exchange-Bright and Bold

Amy's Mystery Exchange-Bright and Bold


Amy’s Mystery Exchange

Taught by Amy McClellan

Friday 10-11

Mystery Exchange - Amy has been at it again . . . This years quilt will be another small-ish quilt that will be easy for you to enlarge by adding more scraps from your stash. 
Here’s how the Mystery Exchange works!

- You sign up for the mystery exchange class through the website. Cost is $5 and this basically pays for your pattern and commits you to participate. At the time of sign-up, you will need to commit to a Color Palette - As you click to sign up, you can choose “Bright and Bold” or "Civil War Era Dark”. Be sure to click on the appropriate choice that you want to do. You CAN choose to do both.

- When everyone has had a chance to sign up, you will be sent a purchasing and cutting assignment through email. This email will be sent out before February 24th.

- If at all possible, get the cut and stacked fabrics to Amy before the retreat begins. We know that many of you will bring your assignment with you to the retreat. It just helps us tremendously if you can get us your assignment earlier. Amy will be in contact with you so she is aware of when the fabrics will be given to her.

- The assignments this year are all small prints. This applies to both the bright version and the dark version.

- Any fabric you exchange should be of the highest quilting quality and must follow the guidelines that Amy will give you. Please do not use older fabrics from your stash. When your individual packets do not all look the same it makes it much more difficult for us to organize and stack everyones assignments correctly.

- This year we are only exchanging the “color” portion of the quilt blocks. It will be your responsibility to provide the “background" or “light” for your own quilt. Amy will give you the yardage for the background when she emails you the “color” assignment.

- You will be required to purchase, then cut and then stack up to 4 to 6 different fabrics. The total yardage you will be required to exchange/purchase will not be a large amount this year, since you will be purchasing the background separately. Plan on no more than 4 yards.

- The purpose of the mystery exchange is to get “a huge variety” of prints and colors. There are usually more than 100 different fabrics that are exchanged. So this makes it really fun for you to go home with a big variety of prints to make a new quilt.

- There will be a ruler that Amy will use to construct the quilt and those will be available for you to purchase at the class.

- At the class, the quilts will be revealed and instructions will be given along with the patterns and exchange fabrics so you can then make the quilt. 

We hope you join in on the fun!

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