What's In a Name?

What's In a Name?


What’s In a Name

Taught by Flora Gillman

Wednesday 2-3:30

If it was FUN give it a NAME!

 You’ve made a quilt, and you like it.  Thinking about a label?  One of the many fun things about quilt making is giving it a name.   Maybe you use the designer’s name for it, but how about letting some of your own creative energy extend to what you call it.  It is your creation after all.  

We all recognize quilt patterns of record by the traditional names given to the blocks in days gone by.  Isn’t it helpful to all know what our fellow quilters are talking about when they reference “Shoo Fly” or “Log Cabin?”  We will explore some of these traditional titles given to quilt blocks that we still revere and use.  I propose part of their charm and longstanding appeal is in their name.  There is a history lesson there! 

  I am bringing some of my favorites.  If you have made a quilt with an original name that you think is fun, please bring it for a “sew and tell” that will be included in our hour together.  Maybe we can come up with some new names that will last through the ages!

Come join me.  We will have fun! 

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